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October Theme

In the Orchard

Children will love exploring the colors, tastes, smells and sounds inside an orchard. Climb up an apple tree, count seeds, discover roots. Then, compare the many different fruit trees growing in our make-believe orchard. From cherries to kiwis, children will be delighted to eat up learning. The adventure continues as they uncover silly animals living above, below and in the orchard. Porcupines, raccoons and squirrels will guide them to back of the orchard where nut trees and other unexpected adventures grow. 

Weekly Experiences
Week one: The parts of a tree
Week two: How fruit trees grow
Week three: Life in the Orchard

Week four: Comparing skins and shells 
Week four: Comparing skins and shells 

Letters: A, O, R
Numbers: 3 & 4
Shape: rectangle
Colors: green & brown

Fort Discovery Day Care nationally accredited!

NAFCC Accreditation is awarded to family child care providers who meet the eligibility requirements and the Quality Standards for NAFCC Accreditation. Accreditation reflects a high level of quality through a process that examines all aspects of the family child care program, i.e. relationships, the environment, developmental learning activities, safety and health, and professional and business practices. Once family child care providers become accredited, they agree to abide by the standards set forth and to be measured against those standards, with periodic integrity and compliance reviews. 

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