Fort Discovery Day Care, Inc.

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Where every day is full of new discoveries!

Mrs. Lisa

Lisa is mom to Nicholas and Katerina and wife to Big Nick.  As a family, they enjoy camping, horseback riding, reading, traveling and hanging out at home.  Lisa believes that all children should be given the opportunity to explore the world and have the confidence to know it is within their reach.

             Mrs. Trish

Puppies and kids! That's what makes Mrs. Trish happy.  Mom to Samantha, Greg, Rich and Stephanie, she resides in the Minisink Valley School District along with her husband, Rich. 


Mrs. Jen                                                

Ms. Jen is a gentle soul who loves to engage the children in music. Whether it's a softly sung lullaby, or our months of the year song, sang to the tune of the Macarena, she has the children using musical instruments and dancing to the beat.  Ms. Jen and her husband, Doug, have two children, Brandon and Autumn and live nearby Fort Discovery.

The staff at Fort Discovery Family Day Care is chosen on the basis of meeting New York State requirements for early childhood development and on the intangible qualities of compassion, caring and the ability to relate to young children. We are pleased to offer a safe, secure and caring environment in which your children can discover the fun of learning.

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