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This handbook is prepared to make you aware of the policies and procedures at Fort Discovery Day Care, Inc. Please read it over carefully and sign the parent agreement form on the last page and return to us before your child’s first day of care. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Enrollment Requirements
For your child's safety and to comply with state regulations, all enrollment papers must be completed, and on file with the Provider BEFORE your child attends. These forms include an enrollment application, parent agreement form, medical forms including up-to-date immunization records, physician's statement, necessary emergency medical contact information and emergency medical authorization form.

Open Door Policy

Fort Discovery Family Day Care has an open-door policy. That means that parents are encouraged to visit the day care and participate in activities. Open communication between parents and provider is essential to your child's success and development.

Special notices and announcements will be posted near our family bulletin board. Children enrolled for full day care will receive a Daily Doings sheet at time of pick-up. This sheet will provide parents with your child’s activities and schedule for the day. We will also make a note on this sheet if your child is running low on any of the supplies that you provide, such as formula, diapers and wipes. Of course, this does not replace the importance of communication between you and providers. It’s just another way to ensure that you are aware of how your child’s day was. Attached is a sample of this sheet. On a monthly basis, we will provide you with our newsletter and schedule. Although this is always subject to change, it will give you an idea of what our curriculum will be. This information will also be available on our web site at www.fortdiscoverydaycare.com

Visitor Policy 

Any person not normally present during day care hours of operation are termed to be visitors. This does not include provider’s intermediate family, parents or guardians, or those authorized for pick-up/drop-off.

Visitors must fill out the Visitor’s Sign-In Sheet including date, time in and out, and purpose of visit.

Arrival and Departure
Upon arrival, parents are required to sign their child in and out on our Sign In/Sign Out Sheet. This sheet is conveniently located near the main door.

Fort Discovery Day Care, Inc. will not release your child to anyone, other than those authorized on your child's enrollment form, without written authorization from the parent. Identification (valid driver's license) will be checked on ANY person staff does not recognize on sight. Children will not be released to other children, i.e. older brothers and sisters, unless specifically listed on the enrollment form.

When dressing your child for day care, please remember to check the weather and make sure (s)he is dressed appropriately. Remember that (s)he will be using paint, glue, markers, playing in sand, etc. Please dress children in comfortable play clothes and sneakers. Label all clothing and personal articles. Please bring an extra set of clothing to be kept at the day care. Soiled clothing should be taken home and replaced with a fresh set the next day. Even older children occasionally spill their drinks or get paint on their clothes, if you have school age children enrolled at the day care, please feel free to send a set of clothes to be left here for those unexpected “oops” or just to save their school clothes from being soiled.

Bringing Things from Home
Toys are not to be brought from home unless specifically requested for "show and tell" by provider. We will be focusing on “community” where everyone shares and helps one another. This is much easier to accomplish if the children do not possess any of their “own” toys. A stuffed animal or special blanket that your child uses at rest time is welcomed if it makes him/her feel more secure. 

Infants – Diapers/Wipes, ointments and/or powder if needed, bottles, formula or breast milk, baby food, at least one complete change of clothes, slippers or socks.

Toddlers – Diapers, if needed, sippy cup or bottle, complete change of clothes, an extra pair of shoes if potty training, socks and an old t-shirt or smock for art activities.

Pre-Schoolers – complete change of clothes and an old t-shirt or smock for art activities.

School-Age Children – change of clothes (if you would like them to change from their school clothes) and an old t-shirt or smock for art activities.

Rest Time
After lunch, a rest period is provided for toddlers and preschoolers. For your child’s safety and comfort we provide day care cots. Parents will need to furnish a small crib sheet and blanket with the child's name clearly marked on it. Sheets and blankets should be taken home weekly for laundering. Rest time is a requirement of the state regulations, however, if your child does not nap, he/she will be permitted to play quietly.

Infants will be permitted to nap according to their schedule. As they grow and a routine is made, we will gently ease them into a mid-morning and afternoon sleep schedule. For your infant’s safety and comfort, cribs are provided. When both provider and parent/guardian feel your child is ready, infants fourteen months will transition to a cot for sleeping. Parents will need to furnish a crib sheet and blanket with the child’s name clearly marked on it. Sheets and blankets should be taken home weekly for laundering. 

Children will nap in day care rooms only. Infants will sleep in infant room without direct supervision of staff. Staff will be present in day care area and monitoring infants. A video/audio monitor is also used.

Behavior Management
We believe that your child deserves to feel good about himself. A healthy self-image comes from positive experiences like being praised for good behavior and repeatedly experiencing success.
Our behavior management guidelines are fair, consistent and encourage children to make wise decisions. At Fort Discovery Day Care, discipline consists of positive reinforcement, redirection or "sit and watch". Corporal punishment is strictly prohibited.


Infants will be fed upon demand. Please provide us with written instructions on your child’s current schedule so that we have an idea of how often and how much they are eating. Unless provided with a note from your pediatrician, all formula will be prepared according to the manufacturer’s directions. Parents are required to supply formula, baby food and bottles. Breast milk should be clearly labeled with your child’s full name.

Children of all ages will be encouraged to eat a healthy breakfast provided by the day care. Since children arrive at different times in the morning, we will have various breakfast foods available until 8:00 AM.

Children in our care during the day will be provided with a nutritional morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. After school children will be given a snack as soon as they arrive.

Unless prior arrangements are made, we do not provide dinner. 

Food preferences for personal, religious or medical reasons will be accommodated. 

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Our daycare has a written emergency evacuation plan. We will conduct emergency drills on a monthly basis with the children. This will establish a consistent procedure so that everyone knows what to do in an emergency. Drills will alternate between the primary and secondary exits. The day care is equipped with an active security/fire alarm system.

Our meeting/assembly place will be the playground. In the event this location does not provide us with enough safety from fire/smoke, or the weather doesn’t permit us to be outside, we will assemble at the fort located at the back of the property. In the event we must evacuate to a location further from the day care home, we will relocate to a neighbor’s home.

Bi-annually we will conduct a drill for sheltering in place. During this drill doors will be locked, shades drawn, lights out and children will practice “quiet play.”

In the event of a real emergency, we will contact all parents/guardians or emergency contacts as quickly as the children are safe from harm.

A copy of our evacuation plan is posted on our bulletin board.

Health Policy

A full health care plan is available for parents/guardians review. However, our general policy regarding illness is that well and mildly ill children may participate in the program. We are required to perform a daily health check on all children. At arrival, we will ask each parent/guardian how the child is and ask if there are any signs of injury or illness. Parents should inform provider of any medications that child may have taken before arriving at day care.

MILDLY ILL CHILDREN A child who meets any of the following criteria is defined as 

“mildly ill”:

The child has symptoms of a minor childhood illness which does not represent a significant risk of serious infection to other children.

The child does not feel well enough to participate comfortably in the usual activities of the program but is able to participate with minor modifications, such as more rest time.

The care of the mildly ill child does not interfere with the care or supervision of the other children.

Any child who has any of the following cannot attend the program:

A suspected or diagnosed communicable disease as defined by the New York State Department of Health until evaluated and approved for inclusion by a health care provider to participate in the program

A fever defined as the following:

less than six months of age - a temperature of 100°F or higher auxiliary (under the arm) or 101°F or higher aural (in the ear)

six months of age or older - a temperature of 105°F or higher orally, auxiliary (under the arm) or aural (in the ear) 

A child six months or older with a temperature above 101°F orally or aural (in the ear) which is accompanied by a behavior change, stiff neck, rash, unusual irritability, poor feeding, vomiting or excessive crying

Less than four months of age – forceful vomiting more than onceñ

Looking or acting very ill or getting worse quicklyñ

Neck pain when the child’s head is moved or touchedñ

A stiff neck or severe headache and looking very sickñ

A seizure for the first timeñ

Acting unusually confusedñ

Unequal pupils (black centers of the eyes) ñ

Hours of Operation/Holidays/Closings/Vacation

  Monday thru Friday

     5:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Fort Discovery Day Care will be closed in observance of the following holidays:

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day



We will schedule up to two vacations during each year. They will be for one week. We will notify you at least 60 days before our vacation and it will also be posted under the calendar section of our web site. 

You are not required to pay for provider vacation time, but regular tuition is due for the above holidays. If holiday falls on a weekend, we will observe it on the Friday before, or Monday following, whichever government agencies close in observance.


There is a registration fee of $35.00 per child for 6 weeks thru 5 years old. No registration fee for school-age children.

Payment is due on every Monday or the first day of the week that your child attends. 

Payments not paid by Wednesday will incur a $15.00 late fee. If payment is still not 

made by Friday, child will not be allowed in care until payment is received in full. If 

child attends on a day that (s)he is not normally scheduled, payment is due with your following weeks tuition. 

A deposit of one week’s child care fee is required.

You are responsible for payment of regularly scheduled days, regardless of whether 

your child attends. We are holding this spot for your child. However, after your child has been enrolled for six months or longer, we will waive the tuition for one week of vacation per calendar year. You must provide at least two weeks notice so that we may attempt to fill the spot.

Returned check charge is $35.00 and then cash or money order only.

10% off rates for second and third child of a sibling group. Youngest child, full 

rates will apply.

Late pick-up fee of $12.00 per hour incurred in 15 minute intervals.

You must provide 2 weeks notice of your child’s departure from the program. 

Failure to do so will result in your being responsible for the 2 weeks child care 



As part of the program and in an attempt to share some precious moments with all of our parents, we will occasionally take photos and/or video. Photos/video are always available for your viewing. 

Welcome to Fort Discovery Day Care!

Parent Agreement

I have been provided with a parent handbook which fully explains the policies and procedures at Fort Discovery Day Care, Inc. I agree and wilI abide by these policies and procedures. Furthermore, I consent to the enrollment of my child__________________________________. 








Lisa Pesola – Child Care Provider